No Rest For The Weary

USDA plant hardiness map of Florida

Here in Florida, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the pollen is making people miserable, and I really want to get the gardens planted. But, it’s mid March, and we are in the freeze belt. That’s right, you heard me, the freeeze belt. Florida has one, and we live in it, and it […]

One for the Pitbull

Red-Nose Pitbull

When we first moved onto our tiny homestead, the thought of protection wasn’t even on the list of things to think about. Fortunately for us, we quickly received a blessing from heaven.  Tala,  our 7 year old Pitbull,  joined the family a few months after we moved in.  Here’s the entire story of how we ended […]



As much as we wanted to go totally off-grid, we quickly realized that it is very costly to do so. It has been a few years since we posted anything on this site because honestly we really didn’t feel like we had anything to teach, after all this site is for information. How could we […]

Green Eco Club


I came across this amazing opportunity to join a club for anyone that wants to work towards off gird living. Every month they give you Renewable Energy DIY Guides and Weekly Money Saving and Green Living Tip. Join now because Next Month Video Releases Include: Aluminum Frame DIY Solar Panels   Green Eco Club is […]

Chickens for food

Chicken House

Starting out we figured we can order some chicks fromĀ  a hatchery and we would be set. The way we had it planned was, if we just buy the first batch of chick and build a coop for them, then we can butcher most of them when we get them to size and keep some […]

Aquaponics Garden


We did tons of research before deciding on the aquaponics system that we wanted to install. We already had an IBC container in our yard, and we were trying to go a cheap as possible. Getting the rest of the supplies together proved to be more expensive than we anticipated. The pvc pipe and valves […]

The Road To Sunstainability

Solar Living Institute Photo

The dog days of summer are slowly coming to an end. Personally, I will miss the the long days and sticky nights as Autumn reigns in. This has been an extremely busy summer for our little pig farm. Building fences to allow the pigs to free range, fighting foxes and coyotes, that frequently visit the […]

What is Life Off The Grid?


Many of us have heard about the recent trend to living green and getting off the grid. But what does life off the grid really mean? For starters it doesn’t mean that you have become Amish and light the house with candles or oil you made from animal fat. It simply means that you are conscious about […]